Saturday, 28 September 2019

...made my blog WAY better!

I have been workin on my blog for a while now on a new site. I has all the old content. Some new. And LOADS of pictures from the times the stories are from. The layout is way more aesthetic and it is now much easier to find all the different kinds of stories.


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

...first has sex in the Bus.

Bus gets a capital B because she is my best friend. She is getting her drive shaft fixed right now and I'm in the office of the mechanics, reading and writing erotic stories. So I have a lot of time to kill as I think we are gonna be here another night or 5, I might as well write about my first sex in the bus!

When I first got the Bus I was going through a bit of no sex phase. The previous few years had been really hard and I was still going through phases of recovery and growth. I had been intentionally celibate on and off. But eventually I started tentatively swiping on Bumble again.

I found a guy who said he wanted to practice massage for his certification exam in a few days, and was willing to give a free massage. I was a little wary, but it seemed nice and innocent enough, even though we had matched based off looks! I definitely harbor some massage fantasies, where the masseuses slowly and tentatively starts crossing that professional line, but as I was off sex at the time, I wasn't really hoping it would go anywhere. When he told me it would be happening at the massage place he was training at I was happy it would just be what he said, him practicing his massage skills.

...had a threesome in the Bus.

The little bus is currently broken down in the middle of nowhere Texas. The mechanic said we are officially 50 miles from anywhere. But luckily this place seems good and nice so I thought, while Bussy is sick, I could reflect on some of the bus sex I have had so far. I might as well start with a good one! The time I had a threesome in the bus!

Like most my stories it seems this is a part of a larger story that I will have to cover at another point. I had gone to Northern California to my first motocross race. The start of the adventure was with 3 guys who work in the industry and can be that story for another time.

Being in a field for 3 nights with loads of men who like the same shit as I do meant that there was plenty of swiping to be done on Tinder. I find it hilarious that I keep seeing the same moto guys from the different events I go to, pop up in my swiping. Some I talk to. Some I've met. I actually met up with a mechanic on race day after my night with the 3 guys. But this is about my last night at the races and the two boys I spent it with.

Monday, 12 November 2018

...finally got to have the sex I've been talking about!

The last few posts about amazing sex i have had, have been about sex ive gotten to try out that I have wanted to do. Things Ive wanted to try and ways to do it, that until now I have not been able to do. Not been able to do due to several factors, from the suffocating patriarchy of normal sex, to womens inability to successfully express their own sexual desires, which ultimately comes from the fragile male ego that scares women off from honesty with a potential angry or aggressive reaction and a lack of knowledge of how to enjoy the female and male bodies in ways that isn't penis or orgasm centric.

It started slowly. The changes were barely perceivable. It started with me taking more control of what happens, how and when, during the sex. I started doing more things with the male body that I was interested in. It was an exploration of my interests and new experiences so I needed men who were willing to not have their pleasure put first, and be open to experience what new pleasure was possible and what ideas I had in store.

Monday, 20 August 2018

...nearly missed a 10!

13th November 2107
The last day or so has been eventful. I was in bed on Saturday night, about 10.30, gettin high, relaxing and tindering when i found this amazingly hot dude who had too many pics with his kids. normally that is a automatic swipe left but this dude was just too hot….and he also looked a little too much like a older version of a evil ex, so i swiped right. we matched. and pretty much straight away he messaged saying he thought we were meant to hang out. then i realized it was a guy id matched with like a month ago and spoke to a little on snap but i wasnt sure, he only had one pic and looked a bit rough. but it turns out i was wrong. he was stunning. so almost immediately i took the bus from my cosy spot in the walmart parking lot, over to his house.

Friday, 30 March 2018

...took an anal virginty

im a girl who likes boy booty. i like a peachy round ass. i like grabbing and squeezing muscular, meaty cheeks, as well as spreading them and burying my face in them and tongue fucking their holes. i like using fingers inside them while i suck a nice big cock. and ive been lucky enough on a few occasions to see their rosey ass hole get stretched out and used by my strap on or a dildo. ive also fisted a couple of asses...but thats a bit too much for me. i like a bit more of a innocent asshole. and it hurts my hand. i actually dont remember the first ass i fucked. it might have been for someone who paid me to do it. in fact i might only have gotten balls deep in a fuck buddys ass for the first time last year. i had a spell of meeting people off a swingers site for kinky fun and i bought a new strap on especially for one of those guys. who i think also gave me his anal virginity. but i dont want to talk about him. that was too long and elaborate to write right now. this is about the anal virginity i took a couple of weeks ago with a guy who doesnt seem to have had anyone to play with his ass at all before me.

Monday, 19 March 2018

...used a glory hole

i have attempted to write this story about four or five times now and i still dont know what tone i want to give it. maybe that is the point. it has to be both. it was fun, crazy, sexy, exciting but it was also boring, gross, unnerving and unsatisfying. as was my host. id met him on tinder two or so days before and had immediately got onto the idea of having a night of crazy sex. he was in a open relationship and likes playing with men and women. i had been searching for some bi MMF time and had been struggling to find what i wanted. the day before i had even swore off tinder as a waste of time at finding me good sex with good people. we clicked instantly and were planning how we could live out some of my fantasies. we decided we would use craigslist to advertise and get our selves extra people to come over and play with us. we swapped ideas of the combinations of dynamics we wanted to try out. me controlling him and another man, getting fucked by him while he got fucked in the ass, letting random guys come over and use me in a sleep rape role play, me just getting to watch him with a guy like i wasnt there, him controlling me while another guy fucks me, etc, etc, etc! i was so excited and so turned on, but had to wait till the next night to see him. i filled in that night with another guy i found on tinder. but that is a different story.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

...fucked Ron Jeremy

id gone to vegas for the adult entertainment expo four years ago while i was still working in australa, making bank and feeling on top of the world. id been having a great time at the expo and a few nights before id partied on stage with diplo and went to a strip club to meet pauly d and diplo afterwards. i was fully in vegas mode. the first few nights id racked up a couple of additions to my list, and by that saturday i was at a total of 299. i knew i needed to make my 300 a good one. i wasnt sure i was gonna have another hundred so this might be my last big number to make the most of. numbers have always mattered to me. my list is my collection. ive already written about choosing someone for my 100.

so, i was at the convention and i heard ron jeremy was at a booth signing autographs and squeezing tittes. i was wearing a pink satin and lace neglege and 7 inch white heels for the expo. i went over and there was a large crowd around him. lots of people taking photographs and taking their turn going up to him. a man was taking photos for peoeple with ron so i went up to get my photo taken! well he was quite taken..with me. he was reading my name tag, asking if i was in the business. we chatted a little and when we started posing for photos he started playing with my boobs, sucking on my nipple and making out with me. all the other people watching were snapping pictures. i had my boobs out and ron jeremys tongue in my mouth for everyone to see. when we were done he got his manager to get him a business card and he wrote his mobile number on the back and told me to send him the picture of us.

Monday, 22 May 2017

...couldnt keep up!!

im already way behind on what ive been up to. thursday night i had a threesome with step brothers. we roleplayed me being their older sister and i controlled my naughty little brothers and used them to satisfy myself in every way possible. much dp was done. and then friday and saturday night i spent being alpha to a beautiful boy who is normally dominant but wants me to control him and use him for my pleasure. i bought a strap on especially for him and for the first time got to properly fuck someone. it was a quick learning curve for me and i spent the weekend having the best sex in the best company. i havent had that much sex with one person in such a short amount of time in years. normally i get bored after a couple of times of them cumming. or im just done. or they are out. but this time, i cant get enough. i cant keep my hands, face, tongue, pussy and dick off of him.

im doing a rape roleplay tomorrow in the woods on my walk, so that will be exciting. and hopefully im gonna have a bit of time to keep up with all my explorations on here!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

...started my own sexual revolution.

this week has already been one of the best for personal growth and sexual growth i have had in years. i feel like everything i know, am, and have been is all coming together and making me stronger, more confident and happy. the sum of my parts is greater than the different people i have been through the years. i no longer feel disjointed. i feel like i am everything i have ever been, not a wisp, bending and changing and moving on from past experiences. this strength and confidence in my self, my abilities and experience has led me to take the bull by the horns when it comes to my sex life.

i have always identified as a "pleaser". i like to make men happy. to make their bodies and dicks feel good and to act in the perfect porn way for them. but this does NOT get me off. my satisfaction and enjoyment of acts came second to my desire to impress. this isnt how i feel any more. i have realized my true sexuality and have started acting on it. and this has led to two of the best sexual experiences of my life. and also i am talking to the other men im interested in the way i want to get what i want. i am not a girl, in need of a man to lead me and validate me. i am a powerful, experienced alpha female who gets off on enjoying peoples bodies and living out fantasies, pushing boundaries and directing how men interact with my body. i know how to make myself feel good. i sure as hell know how to fuck. so just cause im not the one with the dick doesnt mean i cant control all of that. even when im face down, ass up, getting railed.

gone are the days of lying back and taking it, reacting to the boy as if he was doing something spectacular, while in my head im thinking about anything else, eyes closed, porn persona taking over. i no longer will deny myself pleasure in order to try and control how people see me. nothing is sexier than someone genuinely enjoying themselves. and i have enough skills and experience that what i do for my pleasure is incredibly good for the person on the receiving end.

i am in control. i am alpha. the way i act out my sexuality is with me in control, pleasing someone how i enjoy it, making sure its turning me on more than them and my mind isnt wandering because i am bored. i am fully engaged and its causing me to have more, deeper, longer, more satisfying orgasms, quicker than ever before. its changed everything in myself. i am no longer afraid to lay out what i want and how i am going to use the next beautiful man to achieve it, and tell them everything how i want it. its only been a few days, but so far im incredibly excited to have go to the point where i have finally started my own sexual revolution.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

...buried my face in a peach

im wide awake again and just had another mind blowing sexual experience. i am so glad i am settling into my sexuality and enjoying being the real me. 2 just left. we planned to spend the night rimming each other and playing with each others asses. which is basically what happened. i let myself loose on this perfect butt and used my mouth from the tip of his cock round to his asshole for almost an hour. i didnt hold back and buried my face deep within his cheeks, using my tongue, gently, tickling his hole, plunging it in as deep as i could, suffocating myself on his ass, i sucked and tongued and kissed his gooch and balls, stroking his cock when my lips werent tickling the shaft. i did everything with my mouth that felt great. i have already lost track of what happened when and how. i came, lying between his thighs, face disappeared between is round, firm cheeks, not able to take a breath for having my tongue so far up his asshole. and i had an incredible, huge orgasm after fucking me for ages after i finished with my mouth. i was impressed he lasted so long after an hour of teasing. we finished up with him fucking me slowly while i lay face down with him straddling my thighs, my vibe on my clit pushing me over the edge. the walls of my pussy clinging to his rock hard cock

...had the best sex of my life

i know for sure, 100% i just had the best sex of my life. with a stranger. i met him on the swinger site yesterday. he likes a woman in control and i have been wanting to flex my alpha muscles. we decided upon tease and denial, fluffy dom shit. he was really hot and lean, which is why i chose to see him first this week. he was gonna lie there and let me tease and edge him as long as i wanted and use his body for my pleasure. and that is exactly what i did.

now, time out, this is now the time i come clean about all the times ive acted out, or been in, scenarios where i am using someone for my pleasure, but have in fact been putting on a act as the porn version of my sexuality, to make sure the men i aleep with, have their fantaises fulfiled. This has however been at the detriment of the fulfilment of my fantaies, but i felt i wouldnt meet anyone who would be up for what im into and that i would feel shy or embarrased to behave like i needed to act out such fantasies. tonight, however, before 1 came over i had a revelation about who i really am. not who i think i am, who i feel like, what i think other people see, or what someone made me feel i was. i saw myself with loving eyes. and it feels incredible. i felt the power to be the woman in my fantasy.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

...joined a swingers website

im not going into sexual detail right now cause what i need to do is schedule the rest of my week to fit in all the fun im trying to have! i am caring for my nan at the moment so i only have two nights or days can i do things. so im planning a variety of sneaky fun. this is who im trying to fit in:

  1. Bo - wants to be controlled. i want to tease and edge him for as long as i see fit.
  2. Ben - has a beautiful butt and body and wanna bury our faces in our butts
  3. Bill - just has a massive cock. it looks so amazing. i want to just be left to play with it how i want!
  4. Con - is hottt. we wanna try some kinky roleplay, currently deciding what exactly!
  5. Mr P - he came over last time and ate a strangers cum out my pussy before cumming in my mouth and letting me kiss him and give it all back to him. very skilled too.
  6. Hunger - wants to explore some bi play and is offering to bring a friend along to play.
6 could be useful to come in after any of these and get up to similar play as last time. i would like him to be my cum slut again. that is definitely something i am very into. i need to explore my cuckold side desperately. also none of these cover my need for sleep rape. i have to get someone in tonight i think for that, well any night. i love it. i wont wake up, ill let someone come in and use me however they can with my limp body.

i was trying to get 5 to come with me to see 6, but he isnt up for it. ill just be fucking him in the ass with his strap on instead.

got 1 booked in for tonight, 2 for tomo and ill have to have 3 on thursday, followed by 5 to eat his cum and take it in the ass.

no i have to find a play mate for me and 6 for friday. then i still have saturday. and i think ive just found somone im very interested in making a video with!

busy week. im like a kid in a sweet shop since i joined a swingers website!

Monday, 29 August 2016

...came back to my blog

i have been back in england for a month now and im finally settling in again. ive had 3 tinder dates and i am in extremely horny week. and the last one made me giggle. so as several of you joined me yesterday, i thought now was as good a time as any to start my writing again. i have a whole book to write so i might as well get on with it.

the most incredibly perfect boy just left my apartment, after what can only be described as a fairly awkward 12 hours. i still get wildly shy around a lot of boys. especially when i find them hot. and even more especially when i feel they are hotter than me by anyones standards, even if they dont agree. anyway. my nervous reaction is to talk too much. mix that with me getting high and wanting to talk about the world in quite elaborate and deep ways with lots of self referential stories. well, you get awfully large amount of me using words to deflect how much i just want him all over me, in me, tasting him, letting him use me. i also like to avoid that scary first few moments of starting to hook up. i know, im sure you are thinking how could i think anyone wouldnt want me all over them!!! but it does still take a large amount of courage for someone to step a situation up from first meeting to hooking up in a minimal time. and i am still just a girl. and i am ultimately, submissive to men. i like to be used for their pleasure. i like to be doing what they want. i like them to take to lead. que 4 hours of me chatting too much information shit before he eventually kisses me. this goes incredibly well. he is a fantastic kisser and held me and touched me in a very sexy way. he picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter and we made out till we both were topless and his skin was pressed against mine, his hands in my hair. we moved to the couch but that is never practical for positions when you dont know someone well enough to be open about what is going on and you are still trying to impress each other. i told him we should just go to my room and it got better from there. he knew how to tease me and turn me on so much i came about 2 times before he asked if i had a condom. i didnt. and neither did he. now to be honest, i do not care. my pussy takes over and i just want the dick inside me. im on birth control and if you dont cum in me its pretty much fine. ive played the odds and they work in my favor if i do that. anyway. he was very well behaved and would not let us fuck. there was lots of teasing and using our hands. and after i came a couple more times i sucked his dick to at least let him cum. well he seems to be one of those guys who cant cum from blow jobs. so after a long time we stopped that and he made me cum a couple more times and then started to get himself comfortable to sleep. i just wanted him inside me and to make him cum. but it was clear neither of those things were on the cards. all this is fine. it was hot as fuck. but the thing was, we didnt mention any of it. no, oh we have just been doing this, or mentioning how frustrating it is not being able to be destroyed by his big cock or that he didnt get to cum, saying anything about what had taken place. to me that makes it a bit too awkward. like a elephant in the room. but we soon fell asleep. we woke up early and without saying anything or really even looking at each other we managed to start playing with each other all over again. his fingers feel amazing on my pussy and he tickled my clit lightly enough to have me convulsing for 15 mins straight. he had me lying on top of him face up so as i squirmed my ass was grinding on his cock, his fingers slipped across my soaking wet pussy and deep inside me, while occasionally restraining me with an arm across my neck, cutting off my breathing, before letting go again to moan and respond to his hands. when i laid back next to him i started playing with his cock, slowly and gently, teasing it and stroking it. my hand loosely clasped around his beautiful dick, gently wanking him off. i couldnt take just looking at it after about 10 minutes of teasing him so i took him in my mouth and used my mouth to explore his dick and enjoy him filling up my face. he seemed to get close to cumming a few times. he would thrust his hips so he was fucking my mouth, or grab a handful of hair to guide my head. but again he couldnt cum. he complimented me on my stamina before we fell back asleep for a early morning nap. we woke up again at 10.30 and he seemed to be late for leaving for something and jumped up and got ready. we still hadnt mentioned what we had been up to and what we hadnt been able to do. and within a few minutes he was ready to leave. he gave me a hug that would always have been awkward due to him being a good foot and some taller than me. but felt even more awkward as he thanked me for my hospitality and us barely making eye contact before letting himself out and leaving. he is stunning. just his face could keep me horny for weeks on end. so i still had a smile on my face despite the slightly uncomfortable unfamiliar between us. then i realized he left his jacket here. i didnt call him even though he was probably still on my street, cause i thought it would force another opportunity to become a bit more familiar and less awkward, even if he hadnt planned on a repeat visit. it might not have been the easiest night in with someone. but damn i need someone that hot on my rosta. and it also gives me the chance to buy a bumper pack of condoms!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

...wanted to tell you my fantasies

hmm my fantasies. i have a few. detailed role plays i want to act out. but i never want to tell someone i want to do it cause it would go against the fantasy. its a hard line to figure out how to tell someone to rape you and to feel like you are being raped. i guess that gives away one of my fantasies. there are so many rape scenarios that i would like to try out. bound, gagged, reluctant, fighting, screaming and crying gang rape is a pretty exciting option for me. having my body used and abused for many mens pleasure with no regard for my feelings or my own sexual satisfaction. i most like the idea of someone taking advantage of me when they think i dont know it is happening. this fantasy has so many forms. sleep rape. being drunk or drugged to a point where i cant say no, if i am even aware anything is happening anyway. being at a doctors surgery and being unaware that his examination was too...intimate. being too young to realize the "horse play" with your dads friends was actually just him using you to get off. and taking it even further, having my father use me as his good little girl without me knowing that what was happening was wrong. they key for me in all these incidences is that they arent real. i am not asleep. i am not passed out. i am not unaware of what is happening to me and im not too naive to know better. but what is very important is that the person doing it thinks i am. i will play up to their thoughts. if they think i am asleep, i wont wake up, i wont move. same for drugged or passed out drunk. even being at the masseuse who massages too high up my thigh. i dont say anything. i just let them use me. the thought that they think they are taking advantage of me and using me for their pleasure, combined with me having to be completely still, silent and unresponsive to any touches or actions, is what sends me over the edge. i do have a story that is a perfect example of this. it is pretty dark and crosses some lines. but im sure you are gonna want to read it.

Monday, 23 September 2013

...had a footy team

this story is about a really full on night where I did some fairly bad things. i should say im not proud of my actions. but. i am. i had a lot of fun. and ultimately the only person who was wronged in this story broke my heart and changed my life. i had a fuck buddy who i had fallen in love with and was spending all my time with. but he refused to take it further and make it a relationship. he didnt want to sleep with anyone else. but didnt want a girlfriend. to me, if you want me to only fuck you, youre my boyfriend. so it was while involved in this strange situation that this story occurred.

i had gone to bar one for sunday session to meet up with the fuck buddy cause i thought we were hanging out. earlier that weekend i had met a gorgeous boy while i was stripping, who was on a trip to the town with his AFL team. i gave him my number, we had been trying to meet up all weekend and he had just text me telling me he was at the bar next door and that i should come see him. i arrived at bar one as the fuck buddy and his friends arrived and he was like, oh hi, who you meeting up with? as he had previously made me feel like it was him i was going to meet i was pretty pissed off, so just told him my girlfriends were at the bar next door. then walking off i text the AFL boy that i was coming to hang out.

i walked up to the end of the bar i knew the boy was and i saw a group of about 16 lads at a table covered in beer bottles. as i approached them they all serenaded me with a one direction song. which they proceeded to sing at any females who happened to walk past. safe to say they had been there drinking all day and somehow i  was the only girl hanging out with them. i was happily flirting away with the boy and somehow it came up that my gangbang record was 10 and i would love to beat it. as there were actually 25 of them there the news of my desire spread pretty quick round the table and soon all attention was on me. it was fun for a while, before i remembered that the fuck buddy was going out of town for a week at 4am and we had actual plans to spend the end of the night together. at this point it was about 5pm. i told the boys if they were still awake at 4am i was theirs. there was general disappointment as we all knew they would be fast asleep by that time of the morning. so they started trying to convince me to do it now. i wasnt sold as i had other friends to meet up with and it was so early and i did have to meet the fuck buddy later. the hot boy was being quite persistent that me, him and one other should go back now and the rest can be done later. i hate being pressured into a situation so was getting turned off. i told them this and nothing was said about it till the two were like, hey we wanna go back to the room and get changed, its now or never. well i thought, fuck it. it would be a quick bit of fun. it was still only 6pm. i could go back out and party later.

this was a very small town i lived in and if anyone would see me walking away from a bar with two boys, the fuck buddy would promptly be informed. so i told them to follow me to my car and that they had to quickly duck into the car without anyone seeing. it kinda added to the fun of it anyway. after a stop for condoms and water we headed to their room in a hostel. basically one room with 8 beds in for half the boys. i dont think there was any time with just the two of them before two more boys turned up cause they had realized what was goin on when we left the bar and followed us back. i was sober at the time but i have generally fuzzy memories of sex from the last year as there was so much. anyway i remember them taking it in turns fucking me and sticking their cocks in my mouth. we had some interesting combinations of positions on a bunk bed. me bent over with my head in one guys lap, sucking his cock, with one guy either side of me in my hands and another behind, fucking me. one of them, snowy, came in my mouth pretty quick. which is always great. at some point there was an influx into the room of about 10 guys. some were super down with what was goin on, gettin naked and into the action, some watched then realized they were out and left. they were takin pictures and filming it and i really didnt mind. it was fun.

i had started gettin calls and texts from a few girlfriends and the fuck buddy wanting to know where i was. i thought id give myself till 9 to reappear and ignored the phone. the boys knew we were on a little deadline and we kept up pretty intense switching of bjs, hand jobs and me getting fucked. i think at this point there was about 8 of them involved. snowy who had already blown was doing a great job of fanning me and keeping me cool. i wanted to get on my knees with them all around me. so they formed a circle so i could suck one and use my hands on the two either side, and then id move around on to the next cock keeping them all hard. snowy was still dutifully fanning me and another guy who had blown while fucking me, got underneath me and started licking my pussy while i serviced his mates. after a while i let a couple of them fuck me till they blew and there were a couple left who hadnt. by now it was nearing 9pm. i was so hot and pretty exhausted. i told them time was up and i had to go. they were cool and a few of us took a team shower. when we were all getting dressed i asked for a group photo. so they picked me up naked and we got the best photo. since then i have stupidly smashed my phone and lost the picture.

as i was gettin my shit together i started replying to messages and found out that fuck buddy was at a bar round the corner. i told him id been with another gf and would be out to meet him soon. after a few goodbyes i left the boys and drove over to meet the fuck buddy. without even brushing my teeth i greeted the FB with a kiss and hung out outside for a bit. he told me the girls were still at bar one, so i told him id go hang with them and meet him later.

several bar and club hops, dancing with the girls, and hanging with the FB later, i ended up at one club while the FB was at another. another boy i must have made fall in love with a stripper that weekend was at the same club as me. i think i had hooked up with him on the friday or something and was so keen to bump in to him again. he was also on a trip with his footy team. he was the drunkest man in the club that night and we had some epic fun dancing and secret making out in dark corners. however my midnight date with the FB was fast approaching. i had put him off twice already so eventually had to go meet him. i went and picked him up and took him home to mine. we had some lovely last night together for a week sex. i told him that i was still wide away and the girls were still out so i wanted to go back to town and party some more. he was fine as i promised to bring him back a maccas at 4am and wake him up for his trip.

i went back to the club and found drunkest boy ever. he barely even knew i was there by this point. but i wasnt giving up. he was so freaking cute. eventually the club was quieting down and i told his friends i was taking responsibility of him for the next couple of hours. he managed to get a taxi with me down the ocean front to a little park where we ended up fucking for ages on a well lit walkway. only a couple of people passed us by and without incident. he was fun and funny and i lay him down on a bench and rode him till he came.

i walked him, not an easy task for the drunkest boy ever, back to his hotel and to meet his boys before they had to fly home. i jumped back in my car, rushing now to get the maccas before i was late to wake up the FB back home asleep at mine. i managed to get us a huge breakfast, which after the 12 hours i had, i really needed, and wake him up as his alarm went off. we said a sad goodbye about how we were gonna miss each other that week. then i fell asleep and i slept very well that day. ironically i didnt do anything while he was actually away. i didnt get to break my gangbang record. but they were all one footy team. so atleast it was a good attempt.

Monday, 2 September 2013

...did what you wanted

so i am gonna behave and do what you all want...write another post. i need to write a list of what i have been up to so i know what stories to write. maybe i can do that here. ill write all the titles and you can vote here for which i should write. i am a genius. here we go.

This One Time I...

...started with my personal trainer
...had a record weekend broken by two pros
...left england with a bang
...had a threesome with a fan
...did a footy team
...played 3 boys
...had an affair
...played dares with boys whipped for the first time
...thought you should know about my vegas chaos
...lived my own private revenge on my ex
...wanted to tell you my fantasies
...let something bad happen to me
...took a customer home paid to have my pussy licked

ok, ok, ill stop. i cant decide where to start and am now thinking of more and more every second.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

...told a friend about a boy

this is another transcript from a chat with a mate i had online a few weeks ago. thought you might like to know how us girls chat sometimes.

i met him like 2 days before i came to the farm
we met and fucked AMAZINGLY
he is rele intense
gets my legs up and fucks me rele deep and hard and startes in my eyes
then he fucked me in the ass, while i said no and cried a bit
i sucked his cock while his mates hung out in the room
then we went down the road to go to my place, and stopped off for brekkie and got on so well
we had the best banter
we were like, "no date, but nice date brekki"
"no i dont like you like that, but we are gettin married and i love you right?"
then we went back to mine and stayed up and fucked more till like 1pm

"then he fucked me in the ass, while i said no and cried a bit" that made me lol

we text a few times since and he wanted to see me again and i him
so he was gonna come see me last weekend, but he got lame cause his mates were goin out

ah nice one!

so i went to see him
he got me a hotel

ahhh yeah I saw the status!

and he came over and we fucked and hung out and kissed and laughed ALOT
then he went out with his mates at like 10
an i worked
he called me at 2 sayin he wont be long, then text like every hour saying ill be home soon
he eventually got in at 6am and woke me up to make me go to his mates unit
he had been doing A LOT of drugs all night
(btw i have decided to turn this into a blog post so am now just writing like that!!)

ah fair enough

an just wanted me to get up and go party

oh god bad druggy?
I hate seeing people on drugs when I'm sobes
which isn't often obvs

so after a lil bit i conceded and went along with him
well ye he waas doin crack

ew jeez

but he isnt a druggy type, well he does it a lot but doesnt look or seem like it

he musta been hot if you were still into it

ye he is! just does it one or two nights at the weekend

yeah I know what you mean

they were doin mdma and other shit too
but he didnt seem out of it


anyway, we hung at his mates for a few hours then went back to the hotel for brekkie and went upstairs to fuck
it was rele good and intense and dirty, but he was so tired and high we stopped after a while
but not before he had used my toys on me and made me squirt all over the bed and cum heaps

this definitely needs to be a post

he kept gettin so sweaty he went for 2 showers, usually i hate that but it was so hot
i loved it
between my legs were just as wet as he was fresh out the shower

stop it. I'm hornz.

when we finished we got dressed and ended up back at his friends unit
after a lil while there we went to my mates to pick up my bag id left there and we drove to his friends house. his mate was lookin after his gfs kid so we all hung out chatted and played
we rele get on and its so much fun being around him

ahhh man
I think it's really hard to develop a relationship when you start out that dirty though
hate to say it

we were all sat on the sofas watching a movie and i text him sayin how sexy i thought he was etc and he was sayin how much he wanted a bj
after a while of texting he told his mate he needed a lie down and went in the spare room
after a while i came in and he asked me to show him exactly how good i am at bjs
we coincidentally have a mutual friend who i gave a bj too that had never cum from a bj before an came in 10 mins
with me
so i got to work and he was clearly enjoying it a large ammount
i used two hands and my mouth and made sure it was good and wet, tickling his balls, till after 30 mins he eventualy came in my mouth

woah 30 minutes!

he kind of lost his mind and was just like, omg, that was too good, never touch me again i cant handle how good that was!

you got dedication

(ye ive done 60 mins)
i LOVE makin guys come

It's so satisfying when someone just cums like crazy from all the teasing their dick's had though
I've had guys like spasming with the intensity of it
feel so good

i went outside for a ciggy and he came and sat with me, i was all smily and smug and he was like, ye ye, you did it, you win, your all pleased with yourself now ay? and i was just like yep!
we went and sat on the sofa again and he fell asleep. after a while i had to go get my coach and he took me there and we got a hungry jacks on the way and ate it in the car
he put me on the coach and we text each other a couple of times
and i slept for like a day when i got home
since then we have played draw something
an i text him on weds, like breezy chat and he replied and ended it with "talk soon babe"
i love him

...had to be very quiet

i wrote this in chat with my friend when i was on my second farm. i have edited out their responses but thought you might like my story. the formats a lil different to usual. but it was a fucking good time.

ill tell you about the other night
i went out with these boys, 3 had gfs, dan was arguing with his on the phone when i got there and 2 others, that through the night, became apparent that both wanted to fuck me
after a long night out and lots of other stuff that would take me hours to write so i will omit
we were all walking home and i was pissed off cause they had made my random fuck i had found, leave me. they scared him off
i was talkin to dan about it and how i want sex etc, talking to him like a gf cause he had a gf so was off limits
we ended up on our own, all the other boys were drunk and wandered off. we got back to the unit and were sat chattin an stuff. i had just got my pornhub vid, so i was tryin to show him, but it wouldnt load. he really wanted to see it, but there was still just a friends vibe between us
the other boys got home like an hour later
we were all sat in the dark and dan was on the sofa next to me
we were squidged up and my legs were under his
and he puts his hand on my ankle
then he starts stroking my leg
we were trying to make sure no one saw and were acting normal like nothing was happening
he was running his hand up the underside of my thigh
the other boys ened up goin to bed, in the bunkbeds next to the double bed that dan was sleeping in
we sat there a while with him stroking my leg and my hand on his arm
wen we went to bed it was cold so i was like, ooh im keeping my jumper if nothing was gonna happen! haha
we got into bed and he pulled me into him and we started kissing straight away
we had to be really quiet cause i knew at least one of the other boys who wanted to fuck me was awake
we were having to be realy still as not to make the bed rustle or creak
he started rubbing my pussy over my shorts while he kissed me
and i had to make sure i didnt moan
he slid his hand up my top and played with my nipples, still kissing me, his other hand on my ass
this hand slowly started moving up under the leg of my shorts till he was pulling my panties aside and pushing his fingers inside me
i kissed him deeper so as to not make any noise and i started rubbing his cock through his pants
we were rubbing each other, kissing and pulling at our clothes for what seemed like forever
in the end we had to stop cause we couldnt carry on without making any noise.
we rolled away and quickly pulled off our shorts and then straight back into each others arms, kissing, his hand immediately back to my pussy
i was so wet it had covered my thighs and i had made a massive wet patch on the bed.
he moved on top of me, i was scared in that position we were gonna be too noisy
his cock wasnt massive or anything but some peoples just feel soooo good inside me. his was just right, after the build up, feeling him slide inside me make me loose it
we started fucking hard, deep, and silently
i had my hands on his ass pulling him into me
we were having to be quite tentative as to not make any noise and i was having to stifle my moans
i clung on to him hard, till he took my legs and put them over his shoulders and started slamming me. by now we had started to make a bit more noise but we couldnt care any more, it felt so good
pretty soon he came inside me, my legs wrapped around his waist and his mouth on mine
he rolled off and after a few mintutes i told him that i still really needed his cock in my mouth
his friend got up and called him into the livin room. i dont know what they said, but probs just chatting about me haha
when he came back i told him how wet i had made the bed and how good he felt inside me and his cock go hard immediately
he asked if i still wanted to suck his cock so i slid down his body and took him in my mouth
i sucked him hard and deep and he kept moaning. i had to stop to tell him to be quiet, quite a few times!!!
i needed his cock inside me again so i kissed my way up his body till i was riding him. we fucked slow, me grinding on him, feeling every inch of him inside me
he grabbed my hips and lifted me up slightly and started slamming into me from below
faster and faster till he came again
i stayed on top of him and squeezed his cock in my pussy
then i started very slowly circling my hips on him
i have this wierd thing that if i am on top and make very tiny moveements after someone has cum, i cum really quickly
so i just kept moving my hips on top of him, rubbing my clit against him, kissing him
and squeezing my pussy around his now hardening cock
it didnt take long at all before i felt my orgasm building inside me, till, biting my tongue, my head burried in his neck, i exploded on him
i came for about 2 minutes, pussy clenching, body spasming
this turned him on even more, and started fucking me hard and deep again till he came and we both collapsed, finally exhausted
we slept for a few hours and when i woke up all the boys were still asleep, so i got up and snuck out and got the bus back to the farm!

...posted about peen

so i posted this on Amber Cuties Forums the other day. thought you guys might like it. i have a picture to add too when i find it and upload it!

i have a real thing for peen.

i LOVE a beautiful cock. and damn i know one when i see one or feel one.

a beautiful penis can do anything to me, go anywhere and the owner be treated like a king.

the best thing about a beautiful peen is that i just want to rub it all over my face. i want to hit it on my cheek, rub it on my lips and tongue and generally just use it as a face massager. i cannot get close enough to it.

now as to what actually makes me weak at the knees, it would have to be, a weighty cock. about 7-8 inches long and with its girth proportional to its length. i know one guy who was 8 inches long and 8.5 inches around. i enjoyed that. i dont think i have encountered one i think is toooo girthy. girth = good. but again, in proportion. i LOVE uncircumcised, controversial i know, but its what i like. more to play with! i also love balls! weighty, tight, trimmed balls. i hate guys who have shaved, cause they dont do it well enough. just trim, short enough to not rele notice hair, but not too short as to be prickly. put your weighty, firm balls on my face bb. an damn, let me slap/flop/ping your weighty, well proportioned cock off my face all day. i will lie between your legs and worship that cock for hours if it is beautiful.

now i want peen even more

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

...i didnt get laid in a month

so its been a month since i have had sex. why the fuck cant i find a guy that wants to have fucked up sex and hang out. right now i want a dude to come over, with a friend. get really fucked up. then the three of us go out and party. cause chaos. run all over town and then go home an fuck me senseless. why cant we hang out and have epic wolfpack times and filthy sex. why does no one want to do this? they all say they do. but they dont do it. i cant cope. i am going out of my mind.

Monday, 27 February 2012 paid for sex

hmm, there is a pre story to this, as usual, which i could go in to now, but i think im gonna save for a seperate story. lets just say this came out the first night i was stripping. at the very end of the night i met two boys who decided i was their favorite girl there, but there was no time for a dance with them. when i came off stage they asked me if i would go home with them. they were both very cute and i was keen. they then asked me if $500 would be enough. i was pretty excited cause i had been thinking of just goin for the fun anyway. i asked if they meant for the both of them and they said if i was ok with that then yes. i told them it sounded good and they should meet me outside when im changed. i came out in sweatpants and a vest and they were waiting for me right outside. i was really hungry so i made them take me and one of the other girls for breakfast, they paid. they had another mate with them and offered me six hundred for the three of them but he wasnt as cute so i told them id rather the two of them. we got a taxi back to their house, a massive mansion on the river and the two boys said we should go upstairs for a "ciggarette". we got to the bedroom, after a little tour of the house we went out on the balcony, they counted out $500 and handed it to me.

we decided to have a shower first. one of the boys, 203, got naked and got in the shower, the second boy, 204 stayed on the bed and we made out for a little while then went and got in the shower too. both of their cocks were already really hard and they took it in turns kissing me. i took each of their cocks in my hand, feeling their length and girth, stroking them at the same time. 203 had his fingers inside me and couldnt wait to slide his cock into me. he lifted my leg up and tried to enter me from behind. we fucked that way for a little bit, but i am always too short for shower sex. we all got out the shower and into the bedroom. they lay either side of me and i started sucking 203s cock whilst stroking 204s with my free hand. they both had really good cocks. 204s was fatter but 203 was longer and i was loving having it in my mouth. i started switching between the two of them, sucking them and licking their balls and ass. 204 got up and he started fucking me from behind. the harder and faster he fucked me, the harder and faster i sucked the other ones cock. i love taking it from both ends and with two big hard cocks, i was in heaven. after a little while they switched positions. 203 was fucking me faster from behind and i had my face firmly burried in 204s balls and ass. they asked if i could take them both at once. it has always been my fantasy to be dped properly. when i have done it before usually one of them goes soft when they freak out about touching their mate. but these two were so hard and so into it i thought it would work for sure.

i didnt have any lube but i was so wet and turned on i just spat on my hand and rubbed it into my asshole while 203 spat on his cock. i told him to listen to me and only do what i told him to do. i was on my knees with him behind me and i bent forward, one hand on the bed, the other around his cock. i pulled him forward, lining the head of his cock up with my asshole and slowly backed up my ass up on him. it slid in a little and started to hurt. i used my other hand to start rubbing my clit, leaving me face on the bed, ass in the air. i instructed him to slowly push forward, and to not under any circumstances pull back till i said. he slowly slipped inside me, my asshole stretching around him until he got all the way in and it felt amazing. 204 wanted me to suck his cock at the same time, but i couldnt cope with the intensity of the cock in my ass to concentrate on a cock in my mouth. 203 started fucking me properly now in the ass, pumping his cock deep inside me, not pulling back too far. after a little while 204 wanted in on the action, and we decided they should try to dp me. i climbed on top of 204 and got his fat cock inside my now dripping pussy. i reached around and spread more of my pussy juice on my ass and spat on my hand and worked it onto 203s cock. he got in position and slowly started to fill up my ass. it immediately felt amazing. having the two of them balls deep in my pussy and ass, stretching me, my clit rubbing against 204 while we kissed and 203 kissed the back of my neck. the got into a little bit of a rhythm, alternating between the two of them who was thrusting into me, while the other one kept a bit stiller. i loved being stuck between these two young, horny, hot and excited boys, and the $500 sitting in my bag just topped the situation off.

203 wanted me to fuck me in the pussy again, so he went to the bathroom and cleaned up before coming back to bed, where i had been riding 204 hard. i switched onto 203s cock, me on top, and he wanted me to lean over and suck his friends cock while he pumped into me from below. they loved that. they got me between the two of them, where i took each of their cocks in my mouth in turn, while wanking the other. 203 was getting close to cumming so i worked on his cock, his balls and his asshole, while he wanked at the same time, till he came in my mouth. he went off to the bathroom and left me with 204. we fucked again some more, him on top, my legs over his shoulders, his fat cock driving into my wet pussy. when this sent him close to cumming he got off me and asked me to suck his cock and balls again till he too came down my throat.

we all went on the balcony for a cigarette and a couple of their mates were up downstairs. we all chatted and hung out naked. the three of us ended up back in bed and in a 3 way spoon, me in the middle, 203 in front and 204 behind me. we didnt intend to fall asleep but it was 8am. i woke up at about 10am. 204 had dissapeared but 203 was just waking up infront of me and could tell immediately he was feeling horny again. we joked about it for a bit and he asked if i could help out, i told him i didnt like morning sex, and was too tired to bother. he said he didnt wanna fuck me, just wanted another head job off me. that seemed like even more work so i told him no way. he said, $50? and got his wallet out. i just smiled and walked back over to him, got on my knees between his legs and sucked his rock hard cock till, about 2 minutes later, he came in my mouth.

i got dressed and went downstairs where i ordered a taxi, hung out a little while i waited then just left, having gotten paid for something i would have done that night anyway.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 gangbanged by 9 guys

so i know you have all wanted this story for a long time. this is my third attempt at writing it. it is a long story. so this one time i was recently single and had not got laid in about a week and that night i was very horny. i started the night saying i wanted to fuck everyone in sight. at the first bar i almost immediately got picked up by this aussie footy player. after about 20 minutes of dancing he said we should go back to his. it was only 11.30 so i wasnt keen to end the night. i said we could leave, if we were back in the club by 1. he was up for that, so we ended up back at his hotel, me on my knees, sucking his cock, naked on the balcony overlooking the esplanade. he dragged me into the bedroom and fucked me hard and fast and came all over my stomach. we lay there for a few minutes and his cock had not gotten any softer. i started sucking on it again till he pulled me up his body. i rode his cock, gripping onto the bedhead, his hands on my ass. he got out from under me an then with me on my knees, hands still holding the headboard he fucked me deep and hard from behind, cumming all over my ass. we cleaned up and went back to the first bar. i was feeling a bit better, but it kind of just made me hornyer. neither of our friends were where we left them, so we went over to the club to try and find them and went our seperate ways.

i found a couple of random dudes id met earlier and stuck with them for a bit. they were a laugh and i couldnt be bothered searching for my friends. while we were dancing i saw this perfect guy coming through the crowd. i know what i want when i see it and he was it. the guys i was with were clearly not my type and as this guy approached somehow he felt the need to rescue me from my situation. he came right up and put his arm around me and introduced himself to the guys, and his mates as my boyfriend. it was pretty funny. we chatted a bit then said it was his cousins 18th birthday and he had to show him the ropes and wandered off. throughout the night we kept bumping into each other, having little chats and at one point he took my number. later i was back with my original random mates and there was a big group next to us in a cirle doing a dance off. i thought they were all pretty hot. one of the guys came over and tried to get me to join in. after a bit i did and had all the boys goin crazy for my ass shaking and just general dancing. i noticed the boy i liked had come over and was clearly mates with them all and he was watching me. there were two boys sat on the bench and they called me over for a chat. i sat with them and they asked me what i did. i told them i was a webcam girl and they started asking me how much for a live private show in the hostel upstairs. i said i dont strip in real life, but they were blown away by my job and were really keen to see me naked. i looked around at their mates and asked them how many of them were there an they said 10 - 12. i looked straight at them and said i wouldnt strip for money, but i would fuck them all for fun. the look on their faces was priceless. they didnt believe me. i couldnt really believe id said it. when they were convinced i wasnt joking they suggested the three of us go upstairs and get started and the other boys would be up later. i explained to them that i would much rather fuck their hot mate than risk fucking them and him not wanting me after. one of the boys got up and walked off. the other one thought he had given up and freaked out it wasnt going to happen. 2 minutes later he came back with my guy, 142. he came up to me and said, wanna go upstairs then. i was terrified, but so so so up for what was about to happen. the four of us got in the lift and i told them i was scared and needed water. i was so nervous, but 142 told me not to worry. he seemed like he was incharge of the situation. when we got to the room they gave me some water and 142 came over and started kissing me and getting my clothes off. pretty soon i was on my knees sucking his cock while his friends watched. he bent me over the bed and started fucking me from behing. the other two came up either side of me with their cocks out and i took each of them in my mouth in turn. they started switching around, so i always had one or two cocks in my mouth and one in my pussy. they were in heaven. they kept saying how good i was at head jobs and how good my pussy felt. 142 was saying that he wanted to marry me and one of the others said he wanted me to be his girlfriend. two other boys came into the room and started watching us. they were dicking around a bit, filming it, taking photos and turning the lights on and off. this did not help with me getting my 3 boys to cum, so we decided to go out on the balcony one at a time. first 142 had me over the railings from behind, the next one had me on the table, between my legs and then third one had me bent over the table. it was so hot having them come out one at a time like that to use me. by now, a few more boys had come up to the room and were watching us on the balcony. one came out and made me suck his cock before he tried to fuck me. his cock was way too soft and i got bored and went back inside. 142 was still sporting a good big hardon so i went back to work on him in the bathroom before he switched with the guy i had just been blowing on the balcony. i was gettin a bit tired so i went on the bed and pretty soon had two new guys cocks in my mouth. someone noticed my pussy wasnt getting any attention so they said for the other guys to come feel how wet and good i felt. i didnt know whos hands were where. someone had a finger in my ass and someone else started fucking me. for a while there was a blur of penis in my face and pussy, i didnt care who was where. when the boys weren't on me they all sat around chatting and unfortunately joking around. this made it hard for anyone to keep a hard cock, but it was quite fun. there was lots of pictures and videos taken. after a while a few of the guys had left and it all died down. me and 142 decided to leave and go fuck all night at my house. i went to get dressed and realised my bra and pants were missing. we went to find the other boys and see what they had done with my stuff. we found them all in the lounge tryin to chat up some very uninterested american girls. i was bent over the back of the sofa and this new guy came up. someone told him what we had been up to and he came up behind me and started playing with my pussy under my dress. he was keen to fuck me but wanted me on my own. we tried to sneak off to another room, but some of the other guys noticed us leaving and followed us in there. i think there ended up being 5 of them in there, 2 i had not had before. we made full use of the bunk beds with me swinging off the railings by my arms while someone gripped me around the waist and fucked me from behind. one of the new boys apparently had a massive cock and they all wanted me to suck and fuck it. and yes, it was amazing. it was so big and beautiful i just sucked it for ages while the other guys switched behind me, fucking me. the i bent over the bed and let him fuck me. he was so hard and it was so big and deep but i was so horny it didnt even hurt. i just let him slam me from behind. the other guys were switching at the front, so i was sucking on a different cock all the time. at one point i was swinging from the beds again, fully up in the air with cocks inside me, hands on my tits and clit and them all around me. 142 and a couple of others came in and were like, for fuck sake will you stop fucking my wife we wanna go home. we all carried on a bit longer. then i couldnt resist leaving with him any longer. he was the best of all of them and i had to have him alone. i found my bra in that room, but my undies were gone for good.

we walked home back to mine and had some awesome banter. when we got home he put me in the shower and got me all cleaned up, then picked me up and fucked me against the shower wall. somehow we ended up on the floor, the water beating down on us as i rode him, my mouth on his, his hands on my ass. we got out the shower and went to my room where we fucked maybe four more times that night. we didnt sleep and he left at about 8am. i was starving so got up and went for a maccas brekkie. my friend worked next door so i went and told him all about the night before. i cycled around town a bit feeling awesome and like a changed woman. i wanted a big flashing light above my head so everyone knew what i had done.

that night i was out again. and so were all the boys. a couple of them had my number and had been texting me all day. we ended up back at the same club and had a fair bit of awkwardness when i went over and said hi to them all. there was another girl there, someones girlfriend, and a few more boys that hadnt been out the night before. everyone thought it was pretty funny and even the girl was cool with me. they were like, no way thats the girl you all fucked. one of the first boys was keen to get me on my own then have me with just one or two of his mates so they could fuck me properly. they really wanted to dp me. i still wanted 142 again. he was there with other people too. i was supposed to go upstairs and meet the two boys up there. but on my way, bumped into 142 and told him i wanted him again. i ended up goin upstairs with him and a couple of other people. i dont remember what happened that time. the other two were still texting me, so after whatever i did in one room with those guys i went off and found my others. there were like 4 or 5 of them in a room, a few of them had girlfriends and one was asleep. i started sucking and fucking 2 of them then a few more wanted to join in. their mates kept knocking on the door to come in too but they wanted to fuck me properly this time with less of them. at one point i was riding one, with another one trying to fuck me in the ass. unfortunately it was hard for them to stay hard enough and they kept freaking out about touching each other so we couldnt properly dp. i let one or two of them fuck me in the ass though. and i took it in turns with a couple of them just on the bed fucking. the one that had been asleep came and got a headjob and came in my mouth and the guy who had taken me out of the lounge the night before was fucking me too. after that i got taken to another room where i fucked a guy in the bathroom. by then 142 had ended up in bed with another girl so i said good night to them and at about 6am called it a night. i went home alone this time but very satisfied. they were all so complimentary the whole time, about how hot i was, how good i was a head jobs, how much they liked my pussy, how they wanted me to come live with them all so they could all play with me whenever they wanted. it was a great experience and i felt amazing after. it was good fun and great banter with some good boys. not all of them were that hot and i wouldnt have chosen to fuck them individually but having them all on me like that was an experience i was keen to have again.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

...did a little update

so i have a big change coming up in a few days. im leaving the town i live and moving to a farm in the outback to become a nanny for a month and earn my 2nd year visa. hang on, yeah, i said im gonna be a nanny. i will be sharing my room with a 3 year old boy and be living with the family 24/7. what does this mean for me and camming i hear you ask. well they boys nap a few hours in the afternoon and i will be trying to jump online then and when everyone has gone to bed. so expect a fair few outdoors show, a lot of whispering and some quick endings. in preparation i am making as many videos as i can this week so you have something a little bit more naughty to see while i am away. its a good job i am really horny and desperate to get fucked at the moment. i just got all saucy in the shower and now im gonna stick a dildo to the wall in my kitchen and suck and fuck it as if it is real. im also gonna push my limits in a anal and then a dp video. i cant wait. i used to slip this big toy up my ass but it has been a while and i might need a little warming up. argh my pussy is tingling now thinking of what i get to do. im off to satisfy my cravings.

...had the best sex of my life

i know for sure, 100% i just had the best sex of my life. with a stranger. i met him on the swinger site yesterday. he likes a woman in ...